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TV Series getting a Summer Release?

An interesting interview with Elaine Bogan was discovered today. Not only is she working on the show, but she added a little tidbit on when the show is due to air:
"I'm in the storyboarding department. I've been working on a How To Train Your Dragon TV series for just under a year. It is due this summer, I think. Currently, I am co-directing on the final episode of the first season."
Of course, it's not a complete "official notice of an airdate" but people who work on the show usually know what's what, so I think a summer release is a strong possibilty right about now. If so, promotions and press releases should be just around the corner!

The interview can be found here, but also check out Elaine Bogan's blog it's filled with all of her "zany" artwork.

EDIT: Since about a week after this was posted, the commercial was released, confirming that the show would be out in the fall, please disregard this obviously wrong piece of information. 


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