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New Leaked Storyboards: Dragons TV series!

So we got a smidgen of sequel news from Dean DeBlois and now we've got a new batch of found storyboards to share!

As always, we cannot host them on the site, but we can direct you to the source.

The first batch can be seen at Patrick O'Conner's Storyboard Blog and features an interestingly twisted--and rather confusing--plot of Snotlout locking dragons away in some kind of prison cell. Hmmmm?

EDIT: It's actually possible that there's a link between this new batch of storyboards and this batch on Aldina Dias's blog. (Which is where the picture above is from).

6/6 EDIT: Sorry to report but Aldina Dias's storyboards are no longer available. Hope you got an eyeful while you could.

Next, sorry for the false find, but the storyboards from Scotland Barnes Blog that depicted Astrid fighting a Roman are indeed, fake. I was able to get in contact with Scotland Barnes and he confirmed it by saying

"Nope - sorry, this is just from my imagination. I doubt the "How to Train Your Dragon" folks would add Roman Legions to the story. This was just done as an exercise for my own amusement. I wish it was true." 

So, bad news on that end. But at least here's two others you guys can enjoy!

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  1. The Snotlout one looks a bit like a continuation of the other storyboard we saw. It has kind of the same events: the teens sneak up to the dragon training arena (and httyd_040.jpg shows them in the arena -- you can see the grating at the top) before Hiccup and Toothless swoop down from the sky.

    And as for the Romans... what? I mean, that IS a classic Roman helmet. Perhaps they are kind of following the book story after all.