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Isle of Dragons (Riders of Berk)

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I can say this much: it's not Berk. No one knows what their purpose is, or why they were made, or how official they are, or even 
what they are. But whatever they may be, they're really beautiful.

Read more for a giant Riders of Berk photoset.

Scroll to the bottom for more info.

Here's the text from the source:
BPG approached me to help them out for a pitch involving characters for the new series “How to Tame Your Dragon.” What better way to show appreciation to Cartoon Network than to have dragons build them a dragon appropriate logo for bringing the series to fans worldwide. Welcome to the “Isle of Dragons” where only the best dragons hone their skills.  

Here is an additional logo mark that was created.

Anyone know anything about this? We've already emailed the person who created these for more info about them and to find out what exactly they are for.>

Thanks to Serimon for the find!

UPDATE 7/10: Here's what the creator told us:
These are the boards I did for a Cartoon Network pitch for a branding ID. Unfortunately, CN chose not to pursue them.


  1. I got so freaking excited; I thought Isle of Dragons was an amusement park. XD Very intriguing! I wonder what this is?

  2. Oh, WOW! This is so awesome. Love that crazy fantasy, and arrows and castles. So going to Europe. ^^

  3. I think these are legit. Perhaps they are logo designs promoting the TV series. It's a marketing thing. That's my theory. If it was yours too, then I guess great minds think alike.

    If I can make one other theory, perhaps what we are looking at is something equivalent to actual Norse mythology. I see a couple of pictures with a prominent tree...I'm excited.

  4. Anonymous: I think this is a bumper for Cartoon Network. All the images have "frame" in their filename, which makes me think that they are screencaps from a video.

  5. I was looking at the source more closely, and it looks like the top four pictures go together and the next four are another set. Different videos?

  6. NIGHTFL;IGHT RAVAGERJuly 29, 2012 at 3:46 PM