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A New Character: Trader Johann

Michael Goldstrom recording for the show.

Michael Goldstrom, an actor and writer, will play Trader Johann in Riders of Berk according to several posts on his Facebook page. Here's what he said about the role:
I play the recurring role of Trader Johann, aka, the merchant of Berk, the trader, or the "other," harking back to my Viking-Semitic roots (Goldström). I'm working with some phenominal voice actors, so prepare to see the magic of DreamWorks in your dumpy living room.
Awesome Post-It doodle by show
director Louie del Carmen
He calls Johann the "other," which could potentially make him a character similar to Mildew, the "local curmudgeon," who was announced at Comic-Con. It's possible he will show up in the first few episodes since we were told that they are more focused on Berk and living with dragons.

In other news, this is first picture we've ever seen of someone working on the show.

Check out Michael Goldstrom's Facebook page.


  1. Ohhh, this will be interesting! Excited! :DD

  2. ohh WOW this will be amwesome!! I can't wait for the release date, now finally I found a solution to watch it, Online yeahh!!