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Exclusive: Slavic raiders in Dragons 2

In an exclusive interview, an anonymous commenter from DreamWorks told us a few things about what to expect in the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon, and how the films will tie in with the TV series.

By the way, this is the largest piece of information we (or anyone else) have ever found about the sequel. So enjoy it, because you're probably the first people outside DreamWorks to know.

Read more for the entire interview.

[Note: The interview took place over a month or so in the comments of the Kit Harington post. Unfortunately, our migration to Disqus changed the format of the comments, so we've reprinted them in their original form here. We have also temporarily un-published that post.]

Anonymous: He [Kit Harington] will not be voicing Alvin. Alvin only appears in the TV show.

Berk's Grapevine: Really? Do you know something? :)

Anonymous: Let's just say I have an in, a very close one at that...

Berk's Grapevine: You do? Now I'm curious... are there any other interesting bits of information you know, either about the show or the sequel?

Anonymous: I know many things about both show and sequel. I will say this, Kit Harrington voices a new character in the sequel. As for the villain, there are a few voices being considered, but nothing has been set in stone... BTW where the hell did this Robert Pattinson rumor come from? He isn't being considered for anything Dragon related. If I could give you one last tidbit....I hear the movie is going to be EPIC!!

Berk's Grapevine: But we all know the movie will be epic! You don't have any rumor-y things to tell us? I mean, we can't even be sure if you're telling the truth or not. So you can tell us anything and we'll still be skeptical. I don't know about Robert Pattinson. I think Hollywood Life may have been exaggerating a bit since there's been no news about him since that. But still, I think he would make a good villain.

Anonymous: Patience young jedi, I have no rumors to spread, just factual knowledge. Things will come in due time. If you want a juicy tidbit, director John Sanford of the HTTYD tv series believes Chuck Norris could of beaten Bruce Lee in a real fight.

Berk's Grapevine: But we all know that Chuck Norris would beat Bruce Lee in a fight! Although I guess that's juicy enough info for now. :)

Lord Skyrimm: Well as you heard, Alvin is being voiced by Mark Hamill and not Kit Harrington. Also, I've recently had the chance to see some of the character development done for both the tv show and movie by both Nico Marlet and Tony Siruno. All their development work for Alvin, Mildew, Typhoomerang, etc. are absolutely amazing!! There is also some awesome surprises from the Httyd 2 movie...

Berk's Grapevine: That sounds awesome! I'd ask what kinds of surprises, but you probably won't say anything. (I'm assuming you're the same mysterious person as before.)

Lord Skyrimm: No, not anonymous. What I could say without spilling details is there is a tribe of new characters that are not Vikings, a bad ass villain that would rival Stoick, a new dragon like no other......

Berk's Grapevine: Ah, the Romans have arrived... :)

Anonymous: Skyrimm, you're talking about the movie, not the tv Romans, but something far cooler!!

Berk's Grapevine: Wait, are you saying no Romans in the TV show, or no Romans in the movie? And what do you mean by cooler?

Anonymous: No Romans in either. For the movie I think tribal warriors and ancient Slavic raiders are cooler...just saying'

Berk's Grapevine: How much is the TV show/sequel influenced by the books? I know Alvin played a big part in the books. But ancient Slavic raiders... that's new.

Anonymous: TV show and sequel have some of the beats and ideas, but differ in tone and they introduce characters and situations that do not appear in the book. Most often movie translations of books vary or even stray from the source material, and the sequel will be no different in it's approach, but will definitely have the spirit of the book. Sure there are no Slavic raiders in the book, but who cares, they add dimension in the story telling.

Anonymous: It's eluded to here without giving any details: [Note: This is where Dean DeBlois says that the sequel will be more "multicultural"]

Berk's Grapevine: I wasn't saying I don't like the Slavic raiders. I actually think they sounds kind of awesome. Are they going to be good or bad? (Or is it complicated?) Also, do you know what he meant by "more women"?

Anonymous: No worries, I didn't take your comment a a dislike toward the Slavics, but I cannot divulge any info. until it's'll be worth the wait. As for the "more women " comment I 'm not sure by what he meant.

Berk's Grapevine: Okay, I understand. Are there any other (non-spoilery) things you can tell us about the sequel? We're very curious... as you can tell. :)

Anonymous: Non-spoilery? Well none of the new characters in the TV show appear in the sequel....

Berk's Grapevine: Do the characters age between the TV show and sequel? How much time is between the two?

Anonymous: Yes, characters will age about 5 years and their costumes get an upgrade, or get a little more mature if you will...

[end of interview]

I hope this means that this person will come back to the site in the future and answer more questions about what the sequel will be like. But for now, it looks like they're gone.

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