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Riders of Berk coloring contest

AvannaK is holding a coloring contest to celebrate the premiering of Riders of Berk. If you want to participate, just download the line art and start coloring! The deadline for submissions is the end of September. Check out some of the prizes!
  •  First place: 60 points, an artist feature, and a finished art piece or a one-shot
  •  Second place: 40 points, an artist feature, and a lineart
  •  Third place: 30 points and an artist feature
* if the artist doesn't have a deviantArt account, they can receive sketches instead of points.

For more info, check out the contest page.


  1. I don't get it...what's it a picture of?

  2. Characters for AvannaK's story-canon for a lot of fanfics she writes. It's mostly Hiccup and Astrid's kids and Book!Characters.

  3. It's my version of Hiccup's/Berk's future. :D

  4. OH! OK, I was confused. :D