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Fanfiction Contest Winner has been Decided!

For all of you who entered in our first fanfiction contest, we have picked a winner who will win a free game code. We got some amazing entries, and it was incredibly fun to read your stories! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Read more for the list of stories.

NOTE: The stories are posted on this site. If you don't want your story to be publicly posted, please notify us and we will take it down.

1st Place *your free game code will be sent to the email address you gave with your submission*
Hiccup's Mostly-Painless Guide to Training Children by Ami Coyle
Hiccup already knew that training a dragon is long, exhausting, and dangerous. But when a little girl knocks at his door at five in the morning, demanding to be taught in the ways of dragon training, Hiccup is certain he won’t live to survive the tale.

2nd Place
Toothless Hates Sunsets by Sophie

Simple as that, the dragon became lazy, sleeping around not doing anything while the Queen eats their food. It outraged him. But thing will soon change the young Night Fury's mind.

3rd Place
Romantic Flight by inhonoredglory

Deep inside he knew she was different.

Honorable Mentions:
Locked Away, Part 3 by DragonLovingGirl6

Danny helps Sparks through a nightmare from his past and Hiccup lost his newest friend.
[Danny Phantom crossover]

Just a Song Fic by CryKinds911
I don't like Heather, but I can see having her can create a lot of fun.


  1. Haha, Ami, that was really funny! Great work, all of you! You're stories were amazing! Congrats to Ami, Sophie, and inhonoredglory! DLG6, and Crykinds, you guys had wonderful stories too! ^^ Keep writing so awesomely you guys! :)

  2. Aahh, Ami here! Okay, I cannot believe I won! These entries are so inspiring and amazing and . . . gah, beautiful! You guys did a great job! Virtual hi-fives all around. *hi-fives*. You are all amazing, and we are all winners. XD Love you all!

  3. Congratulations on all the contestants! I really had a blast on this contest (thanks, IcelandicEel and BlackRose!). My sister and I are enjoying reading everyone's stories! Lots of funnies and touching moments. *aww* And I'm so thrilled I got 3rd place! Have fun with the game code, Ami! I really loved your story!

  4. Congrats! You really wrote Hiccup beautifully. :)

  5. Number one was so adorable!!! I wish I could have entered, but I was on vacation. Great job, guys! :D

  6. Awww, to bad I haven't made it. I couldn't buy the double DVD pack because I live in Belgium and they didn't sell it here and I also couldn't get it through the internet. Oh well, I'll try figure out something else.

  7. You're making me sad :'(

    Try asking on the "Night Fury's Den" forum??? I'm sure someone has a game code they'd like to give away.

  8. Thank you for the tip! *big hug* Hey, can people become a member if this site and get Emails if new things come in?

  9. Awesome! I hope that works out!
    You can follow the site on Twitter ( or use a site like this:, which I haven't tried but looks promising. And if you want email alerts for comments, you should create a Disqus account!

  10. My, I completely forgot the story! XD and I said I was going to participate ... I had a few weeks with my cousins​​, went to the beach ... etc.. LOL if a year from now another chance to code ... :)