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Arena show projections and VIP tour

With all the recent Riders of Berk posting we've been doing, we've kind of been ignoring the Dragons arena show. So here's an update.

Read more for the three awesome behind-the-scenes arena show videos we've been collecting over the past few weeks.

Here's a completely new projections video from the Spinifex Group, which made the 3D background for the arena show which gives you a taste of the spectacular digital scenery they use. You can see their other video here.

Thanks to Mina for finding this!

In this video, Tyler and John give us a VIP tour of the arena, including front-and-center seat coverage! Thanks for the video, guys!

Here we're taken on a backstage tour of the production by some weird radio station and get to meet Sarah McCreanor (Astrid) and Rarmian Newton (Hiccup) as well as some of the dragons.


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