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Episode 10 news [UPDATED x 2]

UPDATE 10/31: Episode 10 is called "Heather Report Part I"

...which confirms our suspicion that it will be a two-part episode
and possibly confirms Anna Maria Perez de Taglé as the voice of Heather.

It will air on November 14 at 8pm Eastern Time.

So we all know that there's no new episodes for the rest of the month (booo!) And this leaves the next episode on the chopping block the infamous Episode 10.

There's been plenty of talk about this episode since even a year ago but especially since we interviewed a storyboard artist who worked on the "Heather episode" back in May.

Still, apparently Episode 10 is made to please according to the director via our twitter:

10/27 UPDATE!:  So turns out that, yes, episode 10 is about "The Rise of Heather"! Confirmed by the episode director himself! 


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