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On our commenting policy

If you've checked the comments recently, you may have noticed we've been receiving a lot of spam. We want to thank you for handling it so well, probably even better than we would have. In the future, here's a list of things you can do to help us deal with spam:
  1. Don't feed the trolls Gobber's socks. If someone posts spam, don't reply to it. Replying not only makes them more likely to post again, it also means the comment will stay ("hidden") on the site even after I delete it.
  2. Downvote (↓). This will prevent the comment from showing up at the top of the page. If you get some of these on your comments, you should consider it a warning.
  3. Flag as inappropriate. This hides the offending comments and makes it easier for us moderators to spot posts that don't belong on this site. You should only do this if the comment is really bad and you are sure it shouldn't be here. Profanity and insults are good examples.
Okay, that's all I wanted to say. Thanks for reading. Now back to posting dragons!


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