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Dragons: 11 Annie nominations!

The Annie nominations were released today, with Riders of Berk nominated a whopping 10 times (with an additional nomination for Gift of the Night Fury)! That's more than any other show on the list, and speaks to the amazing quality of this Riders of Berk.

The nominations are for:
  • Best Animated Television Production For Children
  • Character Animation in Animated Television (Shi Zimu, Teri Yam, and Yan Jiazhuang)
  • Character Design in Animated Television (Andy Bialk, "Alvin and the Outcasts")
  • Directing in Animated Television (John Eng, "Animal House")
  • Music in Animated Television (John Paesano, "How to Pick Your Dragon")
  • Storyboarding in Animated Television (Doug Lovelace, "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man")
  • Writing in Animated Television (Mike and Linda Teverbaugh, "Animal House")
  • Editorial in Animated Television (Lynn Hobson, "Animal House")

Huge thanks to the cast and crew, and good luck! I think we're all proud to be fans of such a well-crafted and beautiful show as Riders of Berk.


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