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Fly, dragons, fly!

DreamWorks posted this video today, and it is perhaps the strangest Dragon-related thing yet. It somewhat parodies this song. We've also posted the lyrics below if you want to sing along (Who wouldn't?).

Thanks avatarlover22 and ridersofderp!

Hello island of Berk!
This is for all the Vikings out there!

Dragons they doth roam the land
They fly real fast because they can.
They soar real high, they swoop down low
Sometimes they poo on those below.

For oh so long we fought them hard
But that's real tough; they are so large!
Trust they breath a fire that's hot
Just ask this kid, his name is Snot--

Fly, dragons, fly! (Fly!)
Fly them anon.
You live to train,
You train to live!

Alvin wants dragons, you know he'll be back
With his marauders and on the attack.
Mildew is mean to those among us
Why name is pet sheep Funguuuuuuus?

Astrid and Hiccup, each other they like
Wonder if they marry? They might!
Belch and Barf riding with nuts Ruff and Tuff,
Fishlegs feeds Meatlug rocks and stuff.

(chorus repeated twice)


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