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First official Dragons 2 images!

The first officially-released images of How to Train Your Dragon 2 were on the cover of License Magazine today! Check it out! Below the break is higher resolution image of the first page so you can see Hiccup and Astrid's entire new outfits, and an image of Toothless from the article itself.

There's also a short plot summary below, which includes several new details!

Thanks to shortylego, howtotrainyourfeels, and mrpeabodyandsherman!

(click to make them bigger:)

Here's a closer look at Toothless's apparently redesigned tailfin, with Turbo photobombing:

The full cover image, where you get a better look at Astrid's skirt:

Here's a short summary of the plot, and a confirmation that Dragons 2 toys will be made by Spin Master


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