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Liveblog: Dragons at Comic-Con

Bookmark this page, because it will be updated throughout the week with pictures and news of all things How to Train Your Dragon at Comic-Con. Here are a couple sources to keep you up-to-date with the dragons:

  • @httyd — the Grapevine's Twitter page (posts all updates)
  • @dwanimation — DreamWorks Animation's Twitter page
  • SoD blog — Official School of Dragons blog
  • this page — which will post Dragons 2 and School of Dragons info

If you are going to Comic-Con or are stalking it on the internet and would like to contribute to the Grapevine's coverage, please contact us here. The DreamWorks Filmmaker Focus panel will take place between 11:45 am and 12:45 pm PDT in Room 6A, and check out Booth 5566 for School of Dragons!

For further updates, check below the break.

UPDATE: The first art piece and logo for Dragons 2 have been released!

Click to make them bigger! Thanks, hiccupsapprentice!


Dean DeBlois talks about the leaked trailer, the aging up of the characters, and "how to take a character whose problem you fixed and break him again so he has something more" and how Hiccup will ultimately learn the "responsibility and the importance of the idea of ascending to become chief one day."

Hiccup has all the leadership qualities of his father, but wants to be true to himself. His father wants him to take over as chief, and although he has those qualities, he is more willing to leave home and explore.

DeBlois says that Hiccup's prosthetic is now something that is part of him that he's learned to adapt to five years later and doesn't hold him back. It's become the "Swiss army knife of prosthetics."

Valka (Cate Blanchett) has rescued dragons from traps over the years and has amassed a whole colony of thousands of dragon, a "crazy dragon lady" with more dragon contact than human contact. Eret (Kit Harington) captures and sells dragons to Drago Bludvist (Djimon Hounsou), who wants to conquer the world with a fire-breathing army. Hiccup is caught in the middle between Drago and Valka.

They take the queen dragon a step further in the movie to reveal that there is a king of all dragons, the Bewilderbeast, which is above even the Red Death from the first movie.


Huge thanks to MartianArchaeologist, who was at Comic-Con and was able to take these photos of the Filmmaker Focus panel, poster signing, and some DreamWorks cosplayers!



The panel has started! Here is the first (interesting) picture of the day. Apparently Dean DeBlois for How to Train Your Dragon 2 got the biggest applause.

UPDATE 12:08: It looks like the first thing they are doing is screening a clips from Peabody & Sherman about the French Revolution. It's an action clip, as you can tell because of the blurriness of this photo:

No dragons so far, but hey, this looks pretty cool.

UPDATE 12:14: Dean DeBlois is talking about How to Train Your Dragon 2. He's mentioning a lot about The Empire Strikes Back. We've heard him talk about this movie as visual inspiration for HTTYD 2 before in interviews. Apparently Hiccup is "trying to figure out who he's going to be as a person" at the start of the movie, as new conflicts have emerged.

UPDATE 12:22: They just showed an extended version of the HTTYD 2 teaser trailer. There may be (crappy) pictures of it coming up.

Clip description from CinemaBlend:
Hiccup has definitely aged, but he's still fundamentally the same person. He's flying alongside Toothless in the footage, looking to map the surrounding area. Not surprisingly, some shit breaks, a crash happens and the two have a pretty hilarious argument over fault. 
UPDATE 12:25: J√≥nsi will collaborate with John Powell on the score, and a piece of his music was used during the clip, perhaps has the final music.

UPDATE 12:27: Now they're showing another Dragons clip! This clip features another dragon rider with what is apparently a "freaking incredible costume." People think it may be the antagonist.

Clip description from CinemaBlend:
This movie might actually be an Empire Strikes Back level of dark. Hiccup was just snatched by a gigantic dragon being ridden by a terrifying masked blue rider, and Toothless was knocked into the water. It's more intense than anything we saw in the first movie.
UPDATE 12:37: People are asking interesting questions. One girl asked whether DreamWorks would team up with Disney in the future. They seemed reluctant. Another person began with "I don't know if you've heard of Tumblr or not..." [Apparently this was the same question.]

UPDATE 12:39: Surprise guest: Kit Harington has walked out onto the stage!

Kit Harington, Cate Blanchett, Djimon Hounsou will be in the cast of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Cate Blanchett will be voicing Valka, who according to Dean DeBlois is a " feral recluse vigilante that's been out there rescuing dragons from traps," Drago Bludvist, the villian, will be voiced by Djimon Hounsou. And Kit Harington will voice the "self-declared world's greatest dragon trapper," named Eret.

UPDATE 12:44: Just showed a test scene with Kit Harington as Eret.

People are very happy about Kit Harington and seem to enjoy where this movie is going.

UPDATE 12:51: The panel is over, and it seems to have ended pretty spectacularly. Total of two clips and new character descriptions and actors. Although the panel is over, there are still quite a lot more information out there, and I'll continue posting what I can find.

There seems to be a good chance this will end up on YouTube. If it does, the video will be here. So keep watching.

Here's a close-up of the Drew Struzan poster that was given away:

UPDATE: You can get the exclusive Comic-Con toy here as part of the Riders of Berk DVD.


School of Dragons is out! You can sign up for an account here. Some people seem to have already gotten into the game. If you have, definitely post your names or screenshots in the comments so the rest of us can see what you're doing! Here's a video that was posted today (thanks dagur!):

And here's another full-body picture of Hiccup from the Redwood City DreamWorks campus (thanks inhonoredglory)! I'm sure we all wish we had one of these on our wall:

More information about the Comic-Con dragon toy: there will be 500 on sale at Comic-Con and 500 on sale online. Someone from Spin Master, the maker of the new dragon toys, sent Berk's Grapevine an image of the exclusive Comic-Con dragon toy:

Here is a description of this toy, again thanks to Spin Master!
First Edition Toothless - 2013 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive
DreamWorks, Spin Master and Fox Home Entertainment have partnered to create a special edition Mini Dragon Toothless for San Diego Comic-Con! To celebrate the launch of Spin Master’s line of DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk toys, “First Edition Toothless” is decorated in a metallic treatment and features a unique yellow and black tail. Fans can get their hands on the highly limited collectable at the Twentieth Century Fox Booth #4229 at Comic-Con!    
About the toys…
Fans can now recreate the awesome adventures of How to Train Your Dragon and DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk! DreamWorks and Spin Master have partnered to introduce a brand new assortment of toys featuring figures, roleplay and plush. Highlighting the line is the innovative Giant Fire Breathing Toothless. The DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk line will be available everywhere toys are sold this August.


Here is a map of all dragon events and Dean DeBlois holding the Drew Struzan print that will be given away at the Filmmaker Focus panel. (rufftoon) Additionally, the Fox Home Entertainment booth will be pre-selling Riders of Berk DVDs and limited edition yellow tail Toothless toys! (kris0ten) changed briefly yesterday, and two new images showed up:


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