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"Live and Let Fly" info and a new game

A new page for Defenders of Berk has appeared on the redesigned with new information about the first episode of the season! Thanks Serimon!
Live and Let Fly: Certain that Alvin is planning an attack on Berk, Stoick institutes flight restrictions on the dragon academy. Hiccup, certain that Alvin will be using his newfound dragon-training knowledge to bolster his attack, forms a secret “Dragon Flight Club” in order to train the kids to defend Berk against Alvin’s dragon army.
Additionally, DreamWorks trademarked "DreamWorks Dragons Outcast Attack" with the description "entertainment services, namely providing online games." It is unclear exactly what this will be or when it will be released.

UPDATE: The game was just added to the Defenders of Berk site today. You can play it here!

UPDATE 2: Check below for another short Defenders of Berk trailer! Thanks neia silva and lilgerndt!


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