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New Race to the Edge Season — Ask Art and Doug!

It's just one month until the next season of Race to the Edge is released on Netflix! Do you have any questions about what kinds of new dragons will make an appearance, what obstacles Hiccup and Toothless will face, which characters will return, or whether Stormfly will finally kiss Toothless?

Don't worry, we've got answers for you. Like last season, we have the amazing opportunity to talk with Art Brown and Doug Sloan, the executive producers of Race to the Edge. And we plan to ask them everything we can on what you want to know about the new season!

If you have questions for them about the show, characters, dragons, or their jobs as executive producers, leave a comment below or upvote someone else's comment. No one knows the world of Race to the Edge better than they do, so definitely take advantage of this opportunity!

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Thanks for all of your questions!


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