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School of Dragons: Battle for the Edge

School of Dragons has been adding in elements of Race to the Edge into the game ever since the first season was released. And now, they're releasing a new expansion pack called Battle for the Edge to go along with the second season of the show!

The new Battle for the Edge expansion pack includes 22 new quests and 9 new areas: Dragon's Edge, Dark Deep, Scuttleclaw Island, Hobblegrunt Island, Armorwing Island, Glacier Island, Mudraker Island, Zippleback Island and the Dragon Hunter’s Outpost. It also includes Armorwings (seen in the Race to the Edge preview clip), customizable huts, and a new pirate character, Harold:

Just as Race to the Edge is introducing new enemies in the next season, so too will Battle for the Edge. In addition to meeting Harold (who may not be as friendly as he seems), players must defend the Dragon's Edge from dragon hunters.

Read more about the new expansion on the School of Dragons update site!


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