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Free Comic Book Day: New Dragon Comic!

Check out this sneak peek page from the 10-page How to Train Your Dragon story released on Saturday, May 7 for Free Comic Book Day! The story is written by Dean DeBlois and Richard Hamilton, with art by Doug Wheatley and colors by Wes Dzioba.

Curious about what will be coming up? We asked Richard Hamilton a couple questions:

Where does the stand-alone story take place in the Dragon timeline?

As with all of our Dark Horse comics and graphic novels, this story takes place between How To Train Your Dragon 2 & 3. In the case of the FCBD issue, we're actually flashing back to some previously unknown, but very important, history while also hinting at some stuff that'll become crucial in the second graphic novel, Dragonvine, and beyond.

How does the comic add to our understanding of the universe, the characters, or the dragons?

Even though it's only ten pages long, the FCBD really dives deep into our riders' personalities, revealing new aspects of Astrid, Snotlout, Gobber, Valka -- and it even takes us to the scariest place of all: Inside Ruff & Tuff's minds! The story also introduces a new dragon breed and raises two big questions that Hiccup now has to answer as chief of Berk: Why didn't he know about these dragons before, and what has caused them to now come out of hiding?

If possible, can I also give a shout-out to our artist, Doug Wheatley? I truly cannot think of an artist better suited for Dragons than Doug as he his absolutely killing it with the characters, nailing their likenesses and personalities, and bringing so much energy and emotion to the stories. I think the fans are gonna love Doug's work as much as Dean and I do, if not more!

You may also want to read our interview with Richard Hamilton in January, where he discusses To Berk and Beyond and The Serpent's Heir!


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