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Race to the Edge: Season 5 Guide!

The dragons are nearly here! Race to the Edge Season 5 will be premiering on Netflix at midnight on January 25 (that's 3 a.m. ET, 7 a.m. UTC, or check the countdown in the sidebar for your timezone).

Are you ready for dragons?  Here are some other dragon events to put on your calendar:

Interview Zach Pearlman (Snotlout)

There's not enough Snotlout content on this site. It's time to change that. This week, we're talking with Snotlout voice actor in Race to the Edge and overall awesome person Zach Pearlman, and we want to hear from you about what you want to hear from Snotlout! Send in your Snotlout questions in the comments below, or upvote questions you would like us to ask. The deadline is Friday, August 25, so think fast!

Berkathon 5.0

We're hosting a live chat during, and after the premiere of the episodes, where you can chat with sleep-deprived dragon fans (and an actual sleep-deprived dragon) in real time while you watch! More details on this coming soon, so check back! If you've been to the last four dragon chat marathons, you probably have a good idea what you'll be getting into!

Even More Clips

Have you seen all the clips that have been released yet? Here's another for you:


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