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Secret Odin 2018: Dragon-Themed Gift Exchange

Secret Odin is an online secret Santa for fans of How to Train Your Dragon! Hundreds of dragon fans have signed up to exchange gifts in Secret Odins over the last six years. Whether you're the Secretest of Odins or this is your first time participating, we'd love if you joined us. Here's how it works:

Until February 9: Sign Up Here

You can sign up for Secret Odin using this form. Here, you can enter in your name, usernames, and preferences for giving and receiving gifts. Your preferences and the communities you belong to will be used to pair you with other fans who share your interests in gifts and characters.

February 10-12: Receive Your Pairing

During the February 10 weekend, you will receive an assignment to another dragon fan using the email address you signed up with. Now you have until February 20 to make a gift for them!

February 28: Gift Exchange!

On February 28, everyone sends their gifts through Tumblr, Twitter, Berk's Grapevine, or whichever online community you have in common with the person you are matched with, and you will finally find out who your Secret Odin is and what gift they have made for you!

Note: The exchange day date has been moved forward from February 23 to February 28!

Questions? Check the Secret Odin FAQ page, follow the Secret Odin blog, or leave a comment!

Happy gift-giving!


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