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Race to the Edge Valentine's Day Livestream

Race to the Edge is coming out on Friday on Netflix, but it sounds like DreamWorks has something extra planned for us tomorrow, on Valentine's Day:

Dragon riders! Tune in to Facebook Live this Wednesday at 4:30 PM PT as we celebrate Valentine's Day and the all new season of Dragons: Race to the Edge coming to Netflix this Friday! Select fans will have the chance to receive a custom Valentine's Day card created by our special guests! See you there!

That's 7:30 PM Eastern time or 12:30 AM UTC:

Race to the Edge Valentine's Livestream

Will we see the first episode of the new season? Will Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera show up in a live motion capture scene as Hiccup and Astrid to give away dragon swag? We'll find out tomorrow!

Here's a direct link to the stream!


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