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Rescue Riders: Dragons Netflix Series Scheduled for 2019

After six incredible seasons, Race to the Edge is finally over! And before that, we had the equally amazing Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk on Cartoon Network. Yet, the question remains: what amazing new Dragon material will DreamWorks share with us next? How long will we have to wait?

The wait may be over! We're excited to share with you the name and some very early details of a new series with the title DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders!

Rescue Riders is not just a new season, but a completely new potentially multi-season Netflix series. The new series has been in production since November 2017 or earlier, and as of May 2017, has been scheduled for release on Netflix in 2019. Of course, this is an unofficial announcement with no word from DreamWorks yet. This means that details and dates may change. It's unclear whether Rescue Riders is intended to be released before or after Dragon 3. And it's equally unclear whether the events in the series will take place after Race to the Edge, Dragon 2, or even Dragon 3!

But here's something we do know: there may be merch! We also know some of the Race to the Edge team will be returning, such as the Emmy Award-winning writer and producer Jack Thomas. We'll also be seeing some new characters on the show: John C. McGinley, who played Dr. Cox on Scrubs, will be voicing a character named "Grumblegard."

One last note: DreamWorks has not announced this yet. Everything we know about Rescue Riders has been cobbled together from a variety of sources online, not from DreamWorks. This means that people working at DreamWorks likely can't say anything yet. Please be kind and don't bombard DreamWorks people online with questions about a series they can't discuss — you will learn nothing!


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