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Trader or Traitor? Discussion with Michael Goldstrom

Two weeks ago, you submitted questions for Michael Goldstrom, voice actor of Trader Johann in DreamWorks Dragons. In his interview on Dragon Academy Dropouts, Michael Goldstrom answers your questions, tells about his experiences at DreamWorks, and reveals:

When he found out he was playing a villain?
What is his favorite dragon of all time?
Is he as long-winded as his character?
What Trader Johann fan stories you should write?
Would he rather have Hiccup's flight suit, or Hiccup's fire sword?
And many more answers to questions you asked!

While listening, check out a gallery of Michael Goldstrom recording at DreamWorks for Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk and Race to the Edge including some faces you might be familiar with!

Thanks for submitting questions, and to Michael Goldstrom for answering them!


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