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Light Fury, Get Down: Guide to the Hidden World

After unfinished footage was released as CinemaCon last week, rumors have started swirling around about what might happen in the final film of the Dragons series. Here's a guide to How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. (Spoiler alert: the rest of this article contains facts from the film!)

About the Footage

The CinemaCon footage is still not released online, so it's still unclear exactly what it shows. In most cases, footage shown at CinemaCon appears online a couple days after. However, because what CinemaCon attendees saw from the film contained unfinished footage, it might still be a while until it's released online. Despite this, the footage apparently looks beautiful. (Though if you're from DreamWorks and you're reading this, don't hold back — we love our dragon previs footage!)

Light Fury, Get Down!

Perhaps the biggest reveal in the CinemaCon clip was the Light Fury. This dragon was white-colored Night Fury rumored to be the future mate of Toothless. No pictures have been released yet, but the Light Fury appears to have matte white skin with purple eyes.

A Human Antagonist

We've heard about a new villain named Grimmel the Grisly, played by F. Murray Abraham. According to details released by SlashFilm, he appears to be a kind of hunter who aims to kill all remaining Night Furies. He may be the reason Hiccup and the others are interested in escaping to the hidden world.

Escaping to the Hidden World

In the clip, it appears that the Light Fury is also aware of a "hidden world," and is able to travel to it. However, it's unclear exactly what this world is. (The reviewers at SlashFilm describe it as an alternative dimension, which seems a bit out of scope of the dragon world so far.) The footage shows Hiccup saying that everyone needs to escape to the hidden world — both Vikings and all of the dragons.

Character Details

Hiccup appears in the clips at different ages. For the majority of the film, Hiccup will remain young. However, he appears to be older during parts of the CinemaCon footage and has a beard. Hiccup and Astrid do not have a child (in the clip).


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