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Upcoming Games: Titan Uprising and Dawn of New Riders

There are two new games (and counting!) coming out around the release of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Here is an overview of DreamWorks Dragons: Titan Uprising and DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders and what we can expect when they come out in early 2019 after the film is released!

The two games look very different so far, and are for different platforms. The mobile game Titans Uprising is the most dragon-focused of the two, with nearly 100 dragon species to discover in the game, and is based on the story of Hiccup and Toothless. On the other hand, console and PC game Dawn of New Riders explores a the dragon universe beyond the riders from the films, introducing a completely new dragon-rider duo, Scribbler and Patch.

Read more about both below!

DreamWorks Dragons: Titan Uprising

The most recent of the two games announced, Titan Uprising is a mobile game designed by Ludia, the creators who are also behind another popular dragon game, Rise of Berk. Titan Uprising is a puzzle role-playing game for Android and iOS featuring Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, and other main characters and dragons in their fight against the "Dragonroot Company."

Titan Uprising is a combination of match-3 puzzle game and a role-playing game that takes place across the many islands around Berk. The game also features some strange, new dragons that we've never seen before. This includes the lovely Muck & Tumble: described as "The gassiest dragon on Berk. In a good way," by Hiccup, this anomalous Hideous Zippleback produces gas from both heads and sparks from neither. Muck & Tumble, along with nearly 100 other dragons, can be found by the player in game.

A large part of the game involves hatching, growing, training, and discovering new abilities of dragons in order to build stronger teams for battling. But if you're a pacifist, Titans Uprising also allows the player to breed their dragons, including cross-breeding existing species to create new kinds of dragons. It should be fun to see what strange new species can be created within the game!

Titan Uprising will be released to the world in early 2019, ahead of the release of The Hidden World. But if you're Canadian, then you're in luck! Titan Uprising is currently in "soft launch" only in Canada and on iOS, so you can try out the game before the rest of us!

If you're not Canadian, you can still get in on the uprising early by pre-registering to receive a "Premium Draft Token" at According to Ludia, the token results in a guaranteed dragon, along with a variety of other in-game advantages. (Though they had us at "guaranteed dragon.")

Watch the Titans Uprising game trailer above, thanks to Ludia!

DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders

We're also getting a second Dragons game, developed by Outright Games and Climax Studios for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC called Dawn of New Riders. The game features two new characters: Scribbler, a scholar from the island Havenholme with a mysterious past, and Patch, a new dragon species called the "chimeragon."

In part, the game seems to be focused on a fight against an unnamed villain that "destroyed a dragon sanctuary created by Hiccup, Toothless, and his dragon riders." Though New Riders features new characters, it looks like we will be able to explore locations we've seen before, such as Valka's Mountain.

Dawn of the New Riders will be available in February 2019, after the film is released. You can find out more about it on the game website and it also appears to have a page on Steam.

What do you think of the new games? And if you're Canadian, have you tried the soft launch version of Titan Uprising yet? so, share your dragons in the comments!


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