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Upcoming Snoggletog Short or Episode? [UPDATED]

UPDATE: There is no reason to believe that this is related to the episode "Snoggletog - Pt. 2" or Rescue Riders in general. As far as we know, both the script below and Rescue Riders are still intended for release on Neflix and do not necessarily involve voice work from Jay. However, this is still a fun moment showing how Jay records for the films and TV show!

Snoggletog has come early! It looks like we might be getting another dragons holiday short or episode, based on an Instagram story shared by Jay Baruchel. In the story, we hear Jay recording two lines:

"That why we want to bring back the Snoggletog pageant!"
"So we were thinking we would like the bring back the Snoggletog pageant!"

While most people are speculating that this may be a Snoggletog short, it may also be an episode of the upcoming Netflix show DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders. In October, Brennley Brown, a cast member of Rescue Riders shared two scripts on her Instagram story, one of which had a title "Snoggletog - Pt. 2." Left of the title may be an episode number, though it's unclear at the resolution of the image.

What do you think the recording is for?


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