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How Was Toothless Trained? Ask Animator Dane Stogner!

How were the dragons of How to Train Your Dragon really trained? There's no one better to ask than Dane Stogner, supervising animator for Toothless! He is a preeminent Night Fury expert who worked on all three Dragon films and Gift of the Night Fury, in addition to his extensive work on many other feature films!

Do you have questions about Toothless, animating dragons and dragon flight, working on the Dragon films, character animation, or anything else else? Submit your questions for Dane Stogner below, and the best questions will be asked in our discussion with him on Dragon Academy Dropouts!

Submit your questions on Dragon Academy Dropouts

by Friday, May 10 at 3 p.m. ET

You can also submit your questions in the comments below, or upvote questions you want to hear!

Want more background about Dane Stogner and dragon animation? Check out this early video about animation work and reference footage for the first film:

And a collection of iconic moments he animated from from Dragons and other films:

We look forward to your questions!


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