Berk's Grapevine

Secret Odin FAQ

How does the sign-up form work?

Signing up involves giving a little information about yourself, such as your name and email address, so we can send you information about your pairing. You can also use the sign-up form to tell us which characters and gifts you would like to send and receive. This information will be used to determine which people to match you with.

How are people paired?

The actual assignment is a mystery until the final person has signed up. At that point, giver-receiver compatibility scores are calculated between each giver-receiver pair of people using the preferences participants’ reported on the sign-up form. Using these compatibility scores, we find the optimal solution that does not violate any constraints (e.g., someone being their own Secret Odin).

What kinds of gifts can I give?

Anything related to How to Train Your Dragon! In the past, people have exchanged stories, art, comics, manipulated images, animated GIFs, and dragon music videos (DMVs). It’s our job to match you to people who share your interests in art and characters.

Can I give or receive physical gifts?

All gifts must be sent online. We don’t feel comfortable asking for your home address or sharing it with people you may not know. Besides, because Berk’s Grapevine visitors live all over the world, there’s a good chance you would have to ship your gift internationally. This is an expensive, slow, and generally unpleasant experience. We want people to focus on making the best gifts they can rather than trying to figure out how to get them there on time!

Am I allowed to make a Not Safe For Berk (NSFB) gift?

It’s important that everyone feels comfortable participating in Secret Odin. For this reason, all gifts need to be age-appropriate. It’s possible that your gift-receiver would be fine with a NSFB gift, but it’s better to stick to something you know they will appreciate.