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What does awesome mean? More giveaways and prizes, more interviews with the creators of How to Train Your Dragon and DreamWorks Dragons, and more exclusive content meant just for Berk's Grapevine readers! While an even cooler site benefits the thousands of dragon fans who visit every day, there are also special rewards for Berk's Grapevine supporters below!

Dragon Support Crew — $2/month

You will be given access to the site's private discussion board where you will receive news, images, special access to giveaways, and behind-the-scenes info that isn't available to regular Berk's Grapevine readers! But if exclusive content isn't your thing, we're also offering silly dragon training certificates. The choice is yours.

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In addition to being part of the Support Crew, a current Dragon Trainer will have their name or username listed on the Berk's Grapevine supporters page with an optional link to one of their own sites or blogs.

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Berk's Grapevine interviews producers, writers, artists, game designers, and more! Although anyone on Berk's Grapevine can propose a question, Scribes work directly with me and the people being interviewed to pick a final set of questions to ask. Of course, this is in addition to being a full Dragon Trainer. Pretty sweet!

Dragon Keeper — $12/month (POSITIONS FILLED)

Have ideas for Berk's Grapevine? In addition to being a Scribe, a Keeper has the chance to join the Berk's Grapevine editorial group, where they can decide who to interview, what to post, what community events to have, and more. In other words, we alone control the dragons!

Dragon Master — $18/month (POSITIONS FILLED)

Dragon Masters are Dragon Keepers who are fully credited for their support and contributions to the site. Current Dragon Masters receive a custom paragraph at the top of the supporters page about themselves, their interests, skills, or work with an (optional) photo. Berk's Grapevine has been visited by over a million fans, including people from DreamWorks; now they will know who you are and what you're all about!

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