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Second Season Confirmed

In a blog post last October, John Sanford revealed that he would be one of the directors for the Dragons TV show.
"We are attempting to emulate the movie in scale, scope, camera style, and emotional content. This is not easy on a tv budget (hell, it wasn’t easy on the budget they had for the movie) but we are committed to trying. Truthfully, I’m having a great time and have never felt more creatively involved and engaged in an animation project in my entire career."
This is similar to what HTTYD producer Tim Johnson said about the show in an interview last January.

John Sanford says that in addition to directing 7 episodes in the first season, he'll also be directing an "undecided number" from the second. It seems that if they are already divvying up the episodes, we can be pretty sure of a second season in 2013.

And although perhaps not as family appropriate as HTTYD, his webcomic, Chippy and Loopus, is actually quite funny. You should check it out. It's probably the closest you'll get to having a pet wolf-dog, seeing as they're illegal most places.


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