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Under Construction, But More to Come Soon!

Hey there people, I'm the other admin of this site, BlackRose108!

As you can see, this site is still pretty young and still going under some construction right now, but even though IcelandicEel and I are working hard, we thought, why keep all this news from you guys? IcelandicEel already posted some of the lovely things we found, but we definitely have more to share. Consider us to be rumor/spoiler hunters, if you will.

So, there will be a master post of all of the news we've found so far on the "Dragons" TV series and the sequels when this site is all finished, so stay tuned, it won't be too long of a wait, and it'll be worth it!

Character/Dragon profiles, forums, fanworks, links, and of course, the master post is coming soon!

(There's also a mission statement-like thing in the sidebar under About & Submit)


  1. Cool, we're both here now! Speaking of construction, I apologize if the sidebar looks all weird. I'm still fixing it to work better with Internet Explorer.

    Hey, this is the first comment ever!

  2. Can't wait for the new stuff! xD

    And whoa. Blackrose posted this on Feb 1st? O.o

    I'm T11 btw ^^

    1. Hi T11! No, I changed the date a month ahead to pin it to the top of the homepage. So there's no time travel here, unfortunately.

  3. This site is under my inspection....


  4. It's nice to see a HTTYD website. I seriously think you should get in contact with the other HTTYD fansites. It is a shame to splinter the fan base by having many smaller websites, I think you should all get together to create the definitive How To Train Your Dragon fansite.

  5. Hi Kyle! We were actually thinking about this too. The problem is we couldn't really find any active websites (except the Facebook one, though that's a very different style from Grapevine). But if you know of any, I think that is a good idea.

  6. Well one is The Night Fury's Den, which you guys know about, and there was another but I don't remember the name at the moment. This site and The Night Fury's Den should have links to each, this acting as the news portion, and The Night Fury's Den, obviously, the forum section.

    Oh, also, you should post at the IMDB page for How To Train Your Dragon, and the pages for the other shorts.

  7. The big HTTYD sites seem to be The Night Fury's Den, Sticks and Stones, and the IMDB forum. And I think integrating with these would be a good idea. (I'll put up a link to IMBD.)

  8. Ah, Sticks and Stones, that was the other site I was trying to remember, figured you knew of it already!