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TV Show Leaked Storyboard

About a month ago, several members of the Night Fury's Den stumbled upon a 93-page storyboard for an episode of the new Dragons TV show. For Season 1 Episode 10, to be exact. Dreamworks won't let us post it here, but it shouldn't be too hard to find "HTTYD leaked storyboards" online. Alternatively, you can check out the website of Dreamworks storyboard artist Dan Chris Kubat.

But, just for a description, the storyboard mostly shows a flight scene with Hiccup and Toothless competing with Astrid and Stormfly (Astrid's Nadder). At the end, Hiccup notices a young (Viking?) girl lying unconscious on an island and swoops down to investigate.

In the storyboard notes, the girl's name is Heather. But other than that, she is just as mysterious to us as she is to Hiccup. There aren't any Heathers in the books other than the plant. Could she be the Camicazi character that we've all been waiting for? It also seems that the theory that Hiccup will narrarate at the beginning of every episode is true as well.

EDIT: We now have a site exclusive interview with Dan Kubat!!!

6/6 EDIT: Sorry to report but Dan's storyboards are no longer available. Hope you got an eyeful while you could.


  1. Ummm...I got here from every single website I could Google with the term "httyd leaked storyboards" and I cannot access anything except this one. Could you provide a reliable link to the entire storyboard? 93 pages is a lot to summarize, and I heard that there is some narration that is huge to that storyline.

  2. Oh, sorry! I found it.

  3. OMG!!!Can´t wait 4 it to come to CN....SO EXITING!!! :DD