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Dreamworks Dragons TV Series: Commercials and Confirmed Release Date

Well, it looks like Februrary is ending on a good note for us Dragons fans. Two new commercials for the Dragons TV series have been released just a day apart, the first in the Puss in Boots DVD on the 24th, and the second on Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards on the 25th. Sadly, there are no new scenes, but some advertisement means that more advertisement will come! Click "read more" for the videos and more info.

Cartoon Network Commercial

Now, they only showed clips from the movie, Gift of the Night Fury, and Book of Dragons but what else was confirmed since there were no new scenes per say? The release date is sadly not for the summer, but for Fall 2012. It's rated TV-PG-V (for violence), which is good news, because it means that Tim Johnson's darker vision of the show may come true. Additionally, since Jay Baruchel narrates the CN commercial, it's a safe bet that he's coming back to voice Hiccup for the show!

UPDATE 3/2: Jay Baruchel confirmed it himself -- he's going to be in the TV show.

UPDATE 7/17: The first episodes will be shown on August 7th.

Puss in Boots Commercial

Both videos courtesy of Serimon. Also thanks to TheCNWorldX, who uploaded the first Cartoon Network commercial.

Cartoon Network also released a description of the show on its website:
If you loved the hit movie, How to Train Your Dragon, then we've got some exciting news! Cartoon Network will be launching a new TV series based on the movie, DreamWorks Dragons! After Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III discovered dragons could be trained, the Island of Berk appeared to be safe, until its residents realized how many dragons there actually were! Now the only option is to train them all! Take flight with Hiccup, Toothless, and a community of Viking warriors, as they discover the world of dragons is lot [sic] larger than they thought! Be on the lookout for DreamWorks Dragons, coming soon to Cartoon Network!
So, plenty of stuff to pique our interest and let us know that it is coming! Hopefully new commercials with scenes from the show are in the near future!

On a slightly different note, here's the title page of a script for the TV show. If anyone thinks they can read the text at the top-right, that'd be great, as it's probably the title of an episode! (Click to embiggen.)


  1. Oh my gods! Really? That's exciting! And as for the release date, well, I didn't really have much hope for the summer anyway. Everything seemed to be pointing to Fall 2012.

  2. I can't wait! I hope the series are awesome like the movie and the shortmovies too! I love Toothless!

  3. Me too! Anyone who hates Toothless has to seriously rethink their life choices.

  4. I'd be careful with saying that Jay Baruchel is going to be back as hiccup. Just because he narates a commercial doesnt mean he is in the show. Case in point is another of dreamworks T.V. Show: Kung Fu Panda, where jack black sings the theme song but isnt in the show (that being said the guy who replaced him sounds exactly like him.) in fact with that show the only person who voices their character from the movie is Lucy Liu. I would expect the same with How to train your dragon. Jay baruchel, Jonah Hill, and Gerard Butler are all major movie stars and may not have the time to be in the series. in fact you could also possibly include America Ferrera (I honestly have no idea what projects she is working on right now) and Craig ferguson (becuase of his show). the only ones who could have the time would be Kristen Wigg, T.J. Miller, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse who arent major film stars, and dont have projects which would take up most of their time. I wouldnt be worry though as dreamworks typically tries hard to find voice actors who sound like the orignal voices (once again look at Kung Fu Panda where all of the famous people i.e. Seth Rogen, Jack black, Jackie chan, Angelina Jolie, and dustin hoffman were replaced. they sound the same and if you didnt look at the cast list you would have no idea they had been replaced).
    That being said I am getting very excited. most likely we'll only have to wait till august for the series (they would want the premier during a time when children, their target audience, would not have to worry abour school and be able to watch).

  5. Hi alazear2! Well, I actually heard that most, if not all, the cast of the movie will be returning for the TV show. I've also heard rumors before that Jay Baruchel would be in the TV show. I also think it's listed on his Wikipedia page (although I'm not sure who added that). My main concerns are Craig Ferguson and Gerard Butler, so if we can get one or both, I'd be thrilled. And even then, the chance is higher than getting someone like Dustin Hoffman to return. But I think the others are more likely to take part.

    It'll be interesting to see if they'll do that. It certainly makes sense to have it premier in August. Hey, that's only 5 months away!