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Jay Baruchel Confirmed for Dragons TV Series and Arena Show Postponed

Good news everyone! Although we all saw it coming because Jay voiced Hiccup's narration in the Cartoon Network Promo, an interview posted on officially confirmed Jay's involvement with the Dreamworks Dragons TV series. The interview says:
"Do you have any involvement with the How to Train Your Dragon animated series for the Cartoon Network?
Baruchel: Yeah, I’m in it! I’m in every episode. I’ve already recorded a bunch of them, and we’re in the process of doing the second movie, too. I’m doing the movie and the TV show."
So, this is good news! Hopefully some more of the original cast from the movie will return as well. Here's the full interview.

In other bad news, though, the arena show, which was scheduled to come out today, was cancelled for "technical issues." Hopefully the show will be back on track soon enough.

But for now, enjoy an "exciting" first look at the arena show:


  1. Well I can admit when I'm wrong. And I do view this as good news, because ultimatly his voice is the one we will hear the most, and which has the biggest impact on the story/series. Im still hesitant to say that Jonah hill or Gerard Butler will voice their characters, but that is becuase they both may have packed schedules. Jonah Hill is still a possibility (who knows what hes been doing since filming on 21 jump street ended) but im betting Gerard butler is out, not just because he has an insane schedule (He is filming three roles right now plus doing the voice work for the sequel) but becuase he spent three weeks in Rehab recently (He believed he had become to dependent on pain killers he started taking after an acident on a film set) which may have had an issue with recording, especially if they are only just recording the latter half of the season, as the interview hinted at. It is entierly possbile that he may have had spare time and was able to do the voice work but I wouldnt count it. you never know though, stranger things have happend.

  2. This is fantastic news! I think it would be harder to accept a change in voice for Hiccup than for the other characters. I'm guessing you're right about Gerard Butler being unlikely, and I'd also nominate Craig Ferguson. But fortunately, these two characters will probably have smaller roles than the teens, so perhaps it's still a possibility.