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Arena Show Update, Free Tickets

It's been a slow news week with the TV show, so here's an update on what's happening in Australia with the arena show with some new video clips.

Source of technical trouble?
The show has successfully completed its run in Melbourne and has moved on to Sydney with few technical difficulties to speak of beyond the first few performances.

It seems that at least some of the difficulties are because of a failure in the flight tracks -- the ones that lift Hiccup and Toothless in the battle with the Red Death.
They brought up this very issue in the TV special.

Also, now that they've had a couple dozen shows, footage is beginning to accumulate on YouTube. We have a selection of video and audio clips from several performances to hold you over until the arena show leaves Australia. If you're really dragon-obsessed, you'll probably be able to mentally stitch them together into a zombie-like form of the original show.

Finally, if you're in the US and want a set of free tickets check out this contest. If you win, the Arena Spectacular people will give you four free tickets and a free backstage tour (which is arguably even more awesome)! This doesn't seem too well advertised, so you may have a shot at getting them. Good luck!


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