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TV Series at Cartoon Network Upfront?

Every year in March, TV channels give their annual upfront which showcases what will be airing on their channel for the current year. And Cartoon Network is no exception.

Last year, the upfront brought us a very basic description of the TV series, but since it's actually airing this year we can hope to expect a lot more coverage, and this quote in USA Today gives us high hopes that we'll get some new news about the show.
"The No. 3 children's network will give advertisers a first look next week at a new series based on the Annoying Orange, another YouTube phenomenon, due in summer or fall, along with a spinoff of DreamWorks movie How to Train Your Dragon, which was announced last year, and Omniverse, the latest edition in its long-running Ben 10 series."
The upfront for Cartoon Network makes its debut on the 28th of this month, so be here at the Grapevine for full coverage!

3/28 Update: Coverage is here!

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