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Happy Birthday, HTTYD!

You're two years old. You deserve a Gronckle egg.

With the arena show, TV show, and continuing work on the sequel, 2012 truly is the Year of the Dragon. Just remember, now is the perfect time to bake that Toothless-shaped cake. You know you want to. So bring out the trusty DVDs and give them a watch-through: it's dragon day!

Also, Berk's Grapevine just passed 8,000 pageviews a couple days ago. Thanks a lot, everyone! The How to Train Your Dragon community isn't the most active one at the moment, so it's cool to see so many people interested in this site. And things are only going to get more interesting as we approach the fall.... But, focusing now on more current events, the Cartoon Network Upfront is only two days away!


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