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Interview with Dan Kubat is FINALLY here!!!!

Hey guy and girls, I hope you're having a good Memorial Day, and if you're not then you're gonna, because the long awaited interview with Dan Kubat is finally here!!!!

As we said, we couldn't use all of the submitted questions, but we picked a batch of 15 that got the point across well enough! And we actually did get some pretty great info. But still no release date (sorry guys, he didn't know). But we got some GREAT info on some of the plotlines of some of the episodes. 

And read it anytime in the Press Releases tab under "Interviews".

And a huge thank you to Dan for doing this interview (and revealing a lot of great information)! You rock Dan!  Don't forget to visit his site, there's a lot of great storyboard there!


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  2. Lots of juicy info there. Can't wait for the series to get underway!

  3. As an AstXHiccp fan I am not happy !!!!!

  4. I just hope Hiccup and Astrid are a couple by the start of the show.

    I mean...they have to be! there is no way they can kiss like that twice and just be friends!

    (true both those kisses were in two separate films, but they were cannon to each other)

    I hope it won't be too un-dark like the interview implies, HTTYD is great for its more mature subjects then the other Dreamworks media.

    And I'm sure Heather is only for two eps, so Astrid and Hiccup's relationship won't be threatened for long.

    Strange how Hiccup "falls" for Heather despite his strong feelings for Astrid (and the fact they look like they are a couple now) guess is she turns out to be a siren of some sort.

  5. I'm not sure, but I think DCK thought "darker" and "mature" meant adult content. And of course they couldn't put that in. The TV-PG-V rating should give plenty of opportunities for more dramatic moments, though, and I'm hoping DreamWorks will use that to shift away from the focus on humor in the other TV series it's made.