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John Paesano composing the score for Dragons TV Series

We all know that no one can hold a candle to John Powell's incredible score for the movie, and we all knew that he wouldn't be able to compose the score for the TV series. But an article was found that finally revealed who exactly would be tasked with making the TV series' music: John Paesano. Hopefully he can make an acceptable score for the TV show.

John Paesano can be credited with Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, The Hunger Games trailer, and Another Cinderella Story just to name a few, so let's all just hope for the best!

And just for a sample of what he's done, here's the music he composed from The Hunger Games trailer and Another Cinderella Story. Just add 100% all natural Viking-ness to the mix and we might have a winner!


Thanks, Serimon, for finding the article!


  1. This is awesome news! I have high hopes for the series now(:

  2. At least we know that they won't be recycling the original score. That bugged me in the two shorts. It'll be interesting to see what he does!