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Burnt Grapevine and a Storyboard Update

It shall forever be a mystery....

It makes sense that some of the storyboards appearing online wouldn't be in the show. But big things like Heather, and Stoick's dragon, and "Alvin's Dragon Training Cage"? Well, those are pretty critical to the plot. You can't just take them out. Unless Alvin is being renamed to Frederick or something.

So I'm going to guess the answer is yes. Alvin will be appearing.

Oh, and by the way, John Sanford actually is, in fact, interesting. Besides working on the Dragons TV show, he also makes some really great webcomics. You should follow him.


  1. Awww...come on... :( Oh well.

  2. OK, well, actually, we have a right to be somewhat indignant, because what do they expect? We're grabbing at every piece of information that we can here. They should say that they are discards...

  3. I'm just glad the artists posted them. We can still get a sense of the show from the discard boards. Sort of like the "Hatch" storyboards that hinted at what was in GotNF, even though they weren't used.

    And if the discard boards are this good, I can't wait to see the ones they kept in!

  4. So, none of the storyboards that are on internet will be used? :(
    I really like them.

  5. Excuse me, IcelandicEel/BlackRose, how would I contact you instead via comment on this site?

  6. Anonymous: There's a button labeled About & Submit at the bottom of the sidebar. Leave an email address if you'd like us to respond!