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New Riders of Berk Storyboards: Hiccup and Mulch

Remember that old Viking from the previous leaked storyboard? Turns out his name is Mulch. And a Fishlegs action sequence? Now that's unexpected. Also Stoick has a dragon, and Alvin appears!

(thanks to Mina from the Night Fury's Den)

The storyboard starts out of order with "Fishlegs and Meatlug's Special Moment" and the comes back to "Hiccup's Big Adventure." Mulch also appears in Fred Reyes' storyboard, though unnamed.

UPDATE 6/17: Check out neia silva's animatics of these boards on YouTube: (No longer up, sorry).
Hiccup's Big Adventure
Fishlegs and Meatlug's Special Moment

UPDATE 6/19: TV show director talks about these storyboards.

UPDATE 7/12: Alvin exists! He's being played by Mark Hamill. We were also right about Stoick's dragons. See more here.

UPDATE 7/15: Sorry but these storyboards have been taken down as well. Hopefully you all got an eyeful while they were up.

Pictures of Stoick's dragon below. If you want to be surprised during Episode 8, don't click to read more.

Scroll down for spoiler.

Keep scrolling.

Nearly there.

Does anyone know what dragon Stoick has? I don't think it was in the dragon manual.

EDIT: Thunderdrum? And from the side, with closed mouth:


  1. my money is on a Thunderdrum for Stoic, but that's just my opinion.

  2. It does look a bit like a closed-mouth version of a Thunderdrum.

  3. Yes, my doing these videos! But DreamWorks can take these videos at any time .... :( Thanks for posting my videos there BerksGravepine :D

  4. You're welcome Neia Silva! We're all about news, so if you make some we'll post it here!

    And hopefully Dreamworks won't take them down, but we all know how they are...

  5. Yep, looks like a Thunderdrum, all right. And that sequence with Mulch and the Nadder and Toothless got me all choked up! (Aww, Hiccup, how could it be your fault...?) The Changewing action looks awesome, too.

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  7. Sorry for now it no longer give the storyboards of my videos .... Someone made ​​a complaint to youtube and PUM, another complaint and withdraw my youtube :( Fou why I had to remove my videos storyboards, among others, for surely there would be another complaint, and certainly from DreamWorks!

  8. neia silva: That's too bad. :( They were cool videos while they lasted.

  9. I know ... : (But sooner or later they would complain about these videos. Maybe when you have a new account on youtube and a new program I put these videos again :/ If the account free of complaints, of course: (How about someone out there in my video tribute to the movie? I have three videos: