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Comic Con, anyone?

Unfortunately, neither of us (BlackRose108 and IcelandicEel) can make it to Comic Con for the Riders of Berk panel on Thursday, July 12th. In fact, it seems like no one from the HTTYD community is going. It would be very bad if the info DreamWorks reveals ends up going to waste.

So, is anyone here going?

(Check the original Comic Con post for the description, time, etc.)


  1. I live in Canada, and airfare is way to expensive. I would love to go, it's just not possible unless I win the lottery. :(

  2. I can't, but I'll keep an ear out.

  3. Oh yeah, and it's all sold out, so no one can be planning to go... :(

  4. Yeah, that's why I'm hoping someone is already going. I live in California, so I would definitely go myself if it weren't already sold out.