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Global Creatures live projection showcase

Check out a showcase of mouth-watering animated scenery and arena show footage that's been floating around the internet recently. From the video description:
In March 2012, Global Creatures teamed with Dreamworks to launch a live theatrical show based on the film "How To Train Your Dragon." Spinifex Group was contracted to develop the graphic content for the entire show. The brief was to take the movie from its original look and portray it in a more illustrative style. 
The challenges focused around timing the animation to match the choreography of the actors and dragons, while also maintaining a sense of scale and balance between the animatronic creatures and the projected content. In addition, the animation needed to move as one seamless scene across both the wall and floor, serving as a complete theatre set—a first of its kind.
If I had a couple of those projectors, I would paint my room Berk-colored.


  1. This is AMAZING! But I very much hope that the show go in Portugal .... So 2014 must pass! (

  2. Have you seen the projections for "The Dragon's Den" and "Counter Attack"? Those ones are crazy!!!

  3. Treepelt - I know! Though I think my favorite part has to be when they rise up from the water.