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No News Today

On April 18, 1930, BBC Radio announced that there had been absolutely no news that day. They proceeded to play piano music for the rest of the broadcast.

It seems like we are encountering the same problem. Hopefully, DreamWorks has decided to spend their limited time and money on making sure the TV show is really great instead of on advertising. Or maybe they are focusing on Madagascar 3, which opened last weekend.

But either way, it seems like we're having a slow news week. Cue the music:

(piano music didn't seem quite appropriate)


  1. The song cheered me up:D

  2. My favourite song from the movie! Right on my birthday too! :D To bad about the news though. I really hope we start hearing more about the tv show soon.

  3. Really? Happy birthday!

    And I've always thought "See You Tomorrow" is an underappreciated song. Sure it's a little mishmashy, but I think it's up there with "Test Drive" and "Forbidden Friendship."