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TV Series name changed to "Dragons: Riders of Berk"

This rumor has been flying around for a good week and a half now, but no one had any actual proof passed claiming they saw a new promo. But now we have proof!!! It's official--for now--that the new working title is "Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk"! And it's still rated TV-PG-V.

(thanks to Serimon and NickBobEsponja4 for the new version)

And for more on the tv series, check out the site's Riders of Berk page.

Also, apparently there was a licensing expo that featured yet another new logo for the franchise/TV series. So enjoy:


  1. Hey, look! News!

    I much prefer this title to "The Series," even taking into account the unfortunate sexual connotations. Awesome find, BlackRose180!

  2. What?! Before it was ".. The television series" and now "Riders of Berk"? I do not know which name I prefer more but....

  3. I found three different names in the business dragons, found them in the commercial series of videos on youtube dragons.

    -Dragons: The Series
    -Dragons: The Television Series

    And now:
    -Dragons: Riders Of Berk.

    I had an idea: How about we make a kind of contest to see which and the most votes? What is the winner could be the title for the series! : D

  4. neia silva - Having a poll sounds kind of fun. I'm curious to see what people think, although I bet Riders would win. If only DreamWorks would listen to us... :)