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[UPDATED] New 3D game "Wild Skies" IS HERE! And Episode 3 title revealed

Reminder: You might need to install "Unity Web Player" to play. 

Cartoon Network is releasing a new 3D game based on Riders of Berk. From the video it looks like you will be able to create and customize a Viking avatar and you will have the opportunity to train your own digital dragons.

Not only that, it looks like Cartoon Network will add new dragons to the game as they are introduced in the series. Here's their description:
Think you've got what it takes to be a rider of Berk? Put your skills to the test! Blaze your own path as a dragon trainer. Explore the island, train wild dragons, and take flight in awesome aerial challenges! 
Ride the dragons you love from the movies: Gronckle, Deadly Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare, Hideous Zippleback, and Night Fury! Plus, watch for new dragon species from the series. Every time a new dragon appears in the show, you'll be able to train it in the game! —
Also, you may have already seen it in the sidebar, but it looks like the next episode of Riders of Berk will be called "Animal House." Does this mean Viking fraternities? Oh gods.

UPDATE: I found a second video of the game. Wander past the page break to see it.

SOMEWHAT UNRELATED UPDATE 2: Found a screenshot of Episode 3 on the CN server as well as the title to the next episode!

UPDATE 3: A few new logos and screencaps from the game!

UPDATE 4: The game will be released "early next week." The game studio calls it one of the coolest games they have ever made. It looks like it will be written using the Unity game engine.

UPDATE 5: A couple more pictures.

UPDATE 6: Here's a blog post from one of the people who made the game. They call the game a "a basic flight simulator of sorts." (Thanks to StaticTheSkrill!)

UPDATE 7: The Game is Here!!!

Cartoon Network posted the game controls, which may give us a sense of what the game will be like:

The filename was "hp_aspace_dragons_tuneep3_ipad.jpeg" so I'm guessing it's from the third episode. Maybe it's a Fishlegs episode!

Also, a few new logos and screencaps from the game. It seems like it's going to be released before the premiere!

[image] [image] [image]

Thanks Serimon for finding these 3 pics!

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  1. I am playing the games to earn gold but when it says +1 gold I check my inventory and it says I lost that gold, not earned it! Help!