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[UPDATED] New pictures from "Animal House"! And Titles for Episode 4-6 revealed!

4 new pictures were found on the Riders of Berk picture database!

Although it's not completely confirmed all of these pictures come from "Animal House" (episode 3), or are even from the same episode. There's one screenshot that shows Hiccup and Astrid trapped in the snow shown above that we're sure is from the same episode as the Avalanche clip found a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: Episode 4 will apparently be named "Terrible Twos" [which we're guessing is about Torch and his mother].
Thanks Serimon for finding the title for episode 4!

UPDATE 2: Episode titles and descriptions for episodes 5 and 6 are here! Go to the "Episode List" on the Riders of Berk Overview page for more!

Click read more for...more (aka: the pictures).


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