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Hiatus will be over on January 23rd!

We've all been suffering since this hiatus is lasting longer than the previous. And although an almost 2 month break is depressing according to the reliable at least we finally have a date to look forward to!

[1/23] Episode 114: "No Country for Old Dragons"
[1/30] Episode 115: "Twinsanity"

We can all tell that episode 115 is the slightly infamous twin-centric episode we've all been waiting for, but no word on what episode 114 will be about. Since it's obviously based on the title of the Book/Film "No Country for Old Men" it might have something to do with that. But, since that's about a drug deal on the American-Mexican border gone horribly wrong I'm not so sure.

Stay tuned for more news and check our Riders of Berk Page for episode updates!

Thanks Serimon!


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