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More Dragons 2 Storyboards from Tom Owens

Unfortunately, these boards have been taken down :(

Tom Owens posted an additional 5 sequel boards to go along with the last ones he gave us! But while still featuring an older Hiccup and Stoick, these boards also feature Snotlout, Tuffnut, and Fishlegs as seen above!

He also posted this info:
I see sometimes where fans will see these drawings and then comment on the 'new character designs' or costumes... The way I draw these characters should in no way be thought of as 'on model'. The beauty of storyboarding is that I get to draw in a way that makes me happy... random shapes on outfits are place holders for things like buckles or whatnot... and if I occasionally do color it's just me having fun. Not the way the character will look...
Which is good to keep in mind with these storyboards and the previous set.

Thanks to ICNyght!


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