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Hiatus pushed until February 6th

We know that you all were waiting for a new episode and this post stated that the hiatus would be ending this month, but we do come bearing the new and improved airing schedule.

Brook Chalmers--Story/Editorial Production Supervisor, Dialogue Supervisor, Talent Coordinator, and the voice of Sven--was able to speak with the grapevine and had this to say about the schedule:
"We were originally supposed to air a new episode tonight [January 23rd], the original production schedule had us airing 2 new episodes, a 2 week break, then the remaining 5 episodes...The powers that be decided it would be better to delay a couple of weeks and air the remaining 7 episodes back to back. Our next episode will air on Feb 6th, that way there is no gap, you guys will get all the remaining episodes with no gap."
So there you have it. A little bit longer of a wait but luckily after next week new episodes will be back for the duration of the season!

EDIT: It seems that Cartoon Network has updated their schedule and it says and episode called "What Flies Beneath" is airing on the 6th. It is the new name for "No Country for Old Dragons", so looks like "Twinsanity will be airing on the 13th instead.

Alternatively John Sanford over on twitter did tease a little about the contents of the last 7 episodes of the season:

Not too much longer to go until the 6th! And we apologize for the mix up in information.


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